It's Been A While...

So...Hi...Are we still friends? I know, I haven't been keeping up with this whole blog thing as much as I wanted. I'm sorry ;____; FORGIVE MEEEE. Anyways, I'm back and there has been an OBSURD amount of things that I've been up to and things I've gone to and will be going to in the near future and I figured why not tell people about what I've been doing.

So since last time (a.k.a. last year) I have gone to Baltimore for Otakon 2014, had a birthday, painted my room, helped open a new store for my job, got promoted, went to see Wicked, physically visited Spandexworld, drove to Boston at 4 AM, met Johnny Cupcakes, saw a midnight showing of Mean Girls, was featured on The Chive, designed some stuff and tested out some new cosplay techniques. I'll put a gallery of all the things bunched up together on the bottom of this entry so you can all see. I pretty much just did what I could with the summer that I had.

Rather than blabbing on the old, I figured I would just tell you about the new. New York Comic Con is quickly approaching and as always, I am rushing to do the finishing details on my cosplay. I will be recreating Williann's artist rendition of Harley Quinn!! It's a bit of a dousey since I have NO IDEA how to sew and/or start making a skin tight outfit like that, but I'm trying to make it work. After all is over I'll have some more time to upload some progress pics I've been taking just incase anyone wants to take a peek at those. 

I only have one day off before then so all my work will have to be done on nights once I get home and the one day I DO HAVE is to go to a Chive meet up in New York. I was thinking of bailing since my cosplay is a tad more important to me, but after being featured 3 times in one week I wanted to make it a point that I appreciated the attention...I'm also not one to bail on anything. Maybe if the meet up ends early I can continue my work on my Harley Quinn outfit.

Wish me luck!

Sleep = 1 

Everything Else = 0