New reTINA!

So after much deliberation (and my not so great trait of wanting to spend loads of money at once) I have finally purchased my new computer! A 15" retina Macbook Pro!

Yayyyyy!!! I have waited for so long for this computer and I finally have it, no more waiting for lengthy minutes for my software to load and staring at a retina on my iPhone and iPad for so long that it's about time I got myself a computer to match. It's beautiful <3

I did hit some bumps along the way though, I had trouble restoring from my time machine backup because it couldn't find my hard drive so moving my stuff took longer than expected, but in the end all of my software and files are in the same order as they were in previously. Oh how I love technology ^_^ I couldn't be any happier!

I got it just in time for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls which gets released tomorrow!!! I can't wait, even though I'm not any good, I still love playing just for the hell of it. I have tomorrow off too and you might be saying to yourself Tina, you're gonna play the new D3:RoS all day tomorrow right?!?! 

No friends....I am not....I have made previous engagements to bake some delicate macarons with my friend Annie. Which you will all see photos of on my Facebook page: forever hungry, and on instagram. Don't forget to keep your eye out for me on D3 though, I'll be on it soon enough.