PAX East 2014!!


So first of all, let me thank the guy from Ebay who sold us our Friday passes, my awesome friend Fredrick for Saturday passes, and the random Lorenzo guy from Facebook/Canada (can you be from both but really just from one?) who got us our Sunday passes! :D

So Aaron and I woke up so early to drive from CT to Boston, MA and didn't make it to the con until 2 p.m. because our hotel didn't have any rooms ready yet and I jumped into the car with my sweatpants lol. I did, however, change into my jolteon cosplay and headed to the convention center and boom. BOOM! My mind was blown! Such an amazing amount of games, booths and people. There were so many amazing cosplays too! I made so many new friends like Trent who we met outside of the con trying to find a shuttle back to our hotel but those ended at 7 p.m. and so I asked what hotel he was at and if he wanted to share a taxi with us (in a non-Taken I'm-gonna-take-your-daughter kinda way of course!) and now we're friends for LIFE! Also at the hotel I found a Glaceon and Vaporeon AND a Jiggly Puff lol and we are also BFFL! keeping in touch through Twitter/Facebook/instagram/everything/stalkerlike....o_O

Saturday my cosplay was Nurse Akali from League of Legends and I was able to go through the LoL cosplay show and got some sweet swag, which I felt really cool carrying. I also was messaging Kristen Hughey since she was Miss Fortune to try and find her, she is so helpful and nice and doesn't think I'm weird which is always a plus :D I was also able to get in line to take pics with Jessica and Monika! They are such great people to take pics with and they remember me! THEY REMEMBER ME! AHHHHHH I pretty much had an out-of-body-died-and-came-back-to-life experience X_X it was FANTASTIC!

Sunday was my cosplay day off so I was able to spend more time roaming the con. Hung out at the Twitch booth for a while to find that there were no bags for me (the free swag, I'll wait for it....BUT NO STUFF FOR YOU TINA!) lol jk I still thought it was cool, also tried to win some limited edition white hoodies but also failed at that :'( it's okay though because while in line I watched the gameplay of Evolve which looked pretty effin' sweet! Might get into that, no, definitely getting into that. I also was able to catch Lindsay Elyse, Destiny Nickelsen, and Meg Turney who were all amazing/fantastic/beautiful/rad ladies!

My life. Complete <3

I will definitely be attending next year so keep an eye out for me! Maybe one day someone will write blogs about me day.... :D 

Enjoy the photos I took below!