Adventure! O_O Nomnomnom

A bit of a belated post but that's ok, I just wanted to tell you all about my baking adventures yesterday. The goal was to bake some homemade french macarons since it's the craze nowadays and when you put my mind with others (like Annie Grills) together to bake we can create amazing stuff. Our adventure starts off with me finding where Sandy Hook/Newtown is because I totally know it's 30 minutes from my house....but never actually had a reason to go in that direction. Thanks you handy-dandy GPS on my phone I found Annie's house, which was an accomplishment on its own since my track record with directions is....well, lets put it this way. If I don't go their 4 days a week then I probably don't know where it is.

Anyways, we realized that neither of us have ever made french macarons...we just eat them. So with our iPads and Martha Stewart magazine in hand we tried to find one that wasn't so complicated. It only takes 4-5 ingredients, but yet was oh so difficult. Then off we went to shop for supplies. Someone had referred me to a shop called Ladybug Cake & Candy Supply in Southbury and since we were so close we stopped on it to check it out. Boy did they have some awesome stuff there, they even rent out cake pans! A perfect place for me to get hard to find supplies (including ones for my Cars cake which will be up here soon.)

After our little roam around the store, we drove to the lot right next-door to get some lunch a.k.a. the best smelling foodie place to go to when you're craving awesome clam strip baskets that look like this!


We ate in my car since they also served ice cream and I am one to eat with my eyes and was debating if after I finished this huge box if I was gonna want ice cream. Maybe. Maybe I wanted it, but Annie is a good voice of reason and we did have a lot of cookies to make. After making a stop to the grocery store we headed back to Annie's house (I just realized while typing this that I pronounce Annie's name Anneh or more like Annnnnn-ehhhhh lol.)

Our first batch was going to be raspberry cookies with homemade strawberry jam or whatever you call strawberries and sugar in a pot melted down for a CRAZY LONG TIME, either way it was like heaven or as Annie would say "it's made of strawberry, sugar and dreams." The cookies themselves were not bad at all, just a bit lumpy.


But we re-watched all the videos and tried again but instead of doing one flavor we just did the other 4. It saved us a lot of time since we didn't finish until 9pm anyways and I got their at Noon. So our next 4 flavors we just sifted more, food processed more and lightly folded a bit more for our rosewater vanilla bean, orange creamcicle, green tea with orange blossom honey, and peanut butter with chocolate ganache. One of the key tips to making these cute cookies is that they do need to sit out for a while so they have a matte look to the top of them and while they were on the dining room table, Annie's mom came home and was admiring our work, but saw birds outside the window and while showing me the different kinds at the feeder, she didn't notice the cookies laying out on the table and put all her things down! Haha we weren't mad it was just hysterical that she didn't see them. So there went the green tea ones, but still salvageable and we definitely still ate them.


Our second batch of everything was more runny than the first because we added liquid to 2 (rosewater, orange) and powder to 2 (matcha green tea, peanut butter) we used an interesting peanut butter powder that we found at the grocery store. But these cookies came out the best looking and we were making the filling as we went so 3 of the 5 used a swiss meringue buttercream flavored all differently. By the time we finished sandwiching them all together, licked all our fingers and packed 50/50 for me to bring home we had accomplished our first beautiful creation of french macarons. That wasn't so hard, was it?

New reTINA!

So after much deliberation (and my not so great trait of wanting to spend loads of money at once) I have finally purchased my new computer! A 15" retina Macbook Pro!

Yayyyyy!!! I have waited for so long for this computer and I finally have it, no more waiting for lengthy minutes for my software to load and staring at a retina on my iPhone and iPad for so long that it's about time I got myself a computer to match. It's beautiful <3

I did hit some bumps along the way though, I had trouble restoring from my time machine backup because it couldn't find my hard drive so moving my stuff took longer than expected, but in the end all of my software and files are in the same order as they were in previously. Oh how I love technology ^_^ I couldn't be any happier!

I got it just in time for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls which gets released tomorrow!!! I can't wait, even though I'm not any good, I still love playing just for the hell of it. I have tomorrow off too and you might be saying to yourself Tina, you're gonna play the new D3:RoS all day tomorrow right?!?! 

No friends....I am not....I have made previous engagements to bake some delicate macarons with my friend Annie. Which you will all see photos of on my Facebook page: forever hungry, and on instagram. Don't forget to keep your eye out for me on D3 though, I'll be on it soon enough.