October, October

Hello friends! So during the beginning of the month I was super excited to be preparing for NYCC! With all the excitement and last minute prepping (you know me and my procrastination) I completely forgot that my job had asked me to help with a new store opening which took up majority of my prep time for the con... However, I had managed to juggle both my job and my cosplay. It was definitely not easy but I powered through....LIKE A CHAMP!

In reference to my last post, I totally DID go to that Chive meetup... even though I should've stayed home and sewn my cosplay. No regrets though, it was loads of fun and I made new friends. It's always nice to go to things like this because you know that everyone is there for the same reason and to break the ice I just turned to them and said "hey, why are we not friends yet?" and that was that! It was super! The Chive has been really great lately, a great mix of people and personalities, I can't wait to go to the next! 

The new store opening was in Trumbull, CT and it was amazing! The store was beautiful and the people are wonderful! Everyone was very excited to learn and very eager to open the store and on Oct. 11th they were able to do just that! A wondrous opening that everyone was proud to be a part of. (I don't remember if I told you guys yet, but I work at the Apple store haha if it was not obvious)

Since my Harley Quinn by Williann cosplay was far from finished, I had to get a move on, with not a minute to spare. All my time was devoted to finishing my cosplay with all the little details made to perfection. I stayed up until 5am on Friday trying to get everything together and missed my train in the morning but was able to catch the next one and off to NYCC I was! It as glorious! So many things to see, my favorite thing to do at cons is people watch and let me tell you, I was not disappointed! The main thing I wanted to do that whole weekend was see all my cosplay friends that I feel I've grown so close to over social media that if I didn't see them here I was afraid I wouldn't be able to catch them at another con. Monika Lee, LeeAnna Vamp, Lindsay Elyse, Riddle, and of course you all know my BFF (atleast in my mind) Jessica Nigri! They were all so sweet and kind! I cannot believe how comfortable they made me feel even though to them I'm a complete stranger that is only one like or one comment on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. But the great thing is that some of them even recognized me from Twitter! When I asked for a poster from Lindsay Elyse signed to Tina she said "Tina from Twitter?" I FREAKED OUT! Completely blown away at how they remember something so small out of their thousands and even millions of followers. They are so inspiring and are all around my age, I hope within the next couple of years I'm able to accomplish as much as they have. To be able to be friends with all the rad people who go to cons, roam online, and play games with me even though I'm not that good. And to inspire others and be a role model of positive nature and following dreams. That would be amazing. 

I also grabbed some sweet merch all over the place at NYCC! Cherry Sauce Clothing had some sweet Filthy Casual shirts and tanks, and all the cosplay posters I can fit on my wall :D

Anyways, enjoy some pictures! Until next time <3

It's Been A While...

So...Hi...Are we still friends? I know, I haven't been keeping up with this whole blog thing as much as I wanted. I'm sorry ;____; FORGIVE MEEEE. Anyways, I'm back and there has been an OBSURD amount of things that I've been up to and things I've gone to and will be going to in the near future and I figured why not tell people about what I've been doing.

So since last time (a.k.a. last year) I have gone to Baltimore for Otakon 2014, had a birthday, painted my room, helped open a new store for my job, got promoted, went to see Wicked, physically visited Spandexworld, drove to Boston at 4 AM, met Johnny Cupcakes, saw a midnight showing of Mean Girls, was featured on The Chive, designed some stuff and tested out some new cosplay techniques. I'll put a gallery of all the things bunched up together on the bottom of this entry so you can all see. I pretty much just did what I could with the summer that I had.

Rather than blabbing on the old, I figured I would just tell you about the new. New York Comic Con is quickly approaching and as always, I am rushing to do the finishing details on my cosplay. I will be recreating Williann's artist rendition of Harley Quinn!! It's a bit of a dousey since I have NO IDEA how to sew and/or start making a skin tight outfit like that, but I'm trying to make it work. After all is over I'll have some more time to upload some progress pics I've been taking just incase anyone wants to take a peek at those. 

I only have one day off before then so all my work will have to be done on nights once I get home and the one day I DO HAVE is to go to a Chive meet up in New York. I was thinking of bailing since my cosplay is a tad more important to me, but after being featured 3 times in one week I wanted to make it a point that I appreciated the attention...I'm also not one to bail on anything. Maybe if the meet up ends early I can continue my work on my Harley Quinn outfit.

Wish me luck!

Sleep = 1 

Everything Else = 0

My SDCC Fail and Byebye Blonde!

Yesterday was registration for SDCC and I had everything ready. Registration code, member ID, password etc. and all I had to do was put the code in between 10am-12pm... But I completely forgot -_- ....10 minutes late, I had no chance, fail. But it was a blessing in disguise because if I did get passes I would be spending SOOOOO MUCH RIDICULOUS MONEYYYY $$!&!$$$! So since I'm not going I hope everyone that is has loads of fun!

On another note, after bleaching my hair...twice and experiencing my hair being half blonde for two days I have decided that I'm not a good looking blonde :/ Despite what people say, this blonde is totally not staying. So today my hair goes back to purple and pink :D

Yay! My First Post :D

So, today was supposed to be my most productive day of the week. I have the day off, just purchased fabric to start my Nurse Akali cosplay for PaxEast. However, I am so distracted from the smallest thing that it just doesn't make sense... There's water in my ear... and you may be saying to yourself "Really Tina?! That's what is making you not be able to do anything" well, I am thinking the same thing. When will this ear thing that has nothing to do with what I'm doing go away? Who knows.

Anyways....I'm excited to write that I have made my sketches and will be beginning my outfit my next day off, since I'm sure this ear thing will be gone by then. I'm cutting it pretty close by not starting today, but listen here friends, daylights savings time and springing forward and what not is messing with my head and I'm not liking it. I've also decided to purchase some liquid latex and  a lycra suit. WHAT...? O_O why are you buying those.... It's not what you think lol. I"m trying my hand in making my own latex suit to make an Umbreon cosplay. Liquidlatex.com has a pretty straight forward tutorial on how to make one so make one I will. Wish me luck.

I'll let you all know how it goes and put picture up along the way.

Until next time friends!